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Clive was born in London and came to live in Hong Kong in 1984 with his wife Debbie. He is a Hong Kong permanent resident and has worked in the region for many years. Clive’s training in marine casualty case handling was with a leading law firm in London, and thereafter Clive worked in Hong Kong, with top law firms for 20+years, specialising in marine casualty matters. Clive’s mentors remain legends, too many to acknowledge individually. Thereafter Clive benefitted from 10 years in the Hong Kong office of a well-known Legal & Claims Consultancy headquartered in London.


In his own right, Clive continues to deal with marine casualty cases, related claims and recoveries on a global basis at competitive rates in a time efficient and commercial manner. Incidents throughout Greater China and South-East Asia are conveniently and efficiently dealt with from Hong Kong.


Clive has friends and reliable contacts in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar. Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, and of course Hong Kong.


This company launches in the Chinese Zodiac year of the Tiger. Like us the Tiger is strong, brave and independent. We invite you most cordially to support us on our journey, this company will resource to meet existing and future Client needs. Casualty work is our foundation stone but we shall build on that solid experience in adjacent areas of the business.


Clive Beesley

"We are committed to maintaining
long established, tried and tested 
resolution techniques.."

The Company

The company

Hong Kong is our existing gateway to the surrounding area and expansion will follow anticipated demand. CCL is not a law firm. It is a commercial claims handling unit which will grow in the casualty and contractual aspects of the shipping industry.


We have extensive experience and an emphasis on casualty claims outcomes. Clive has a long history in the immediate aftermath of an incident, including investigation, claims arising and potential liability mitigation. CCL will handle and oversee the resolution process of marine casualty and insurance claims from inception to conclusion via commercial settlement. Litigation project management is also possible case by case. We have excellent law firm contacts. CCL will also work professionally with other claims consultancies to resolve matters. 


Clive is committed to maintaining long established, tried and tested resolution techniques to modern challenges. The commercial approach to traditional legal problems has always offered a beneficial alternative. Early and experienced intervention in marine casualty and related claims scenarios will often reduce and eliminate costly and lengthy disputes. Legal back up is a phone call away, if needed, with distinguished lawyers pre-selected and standing by to assist CCL and the Client.


Time spent charge out rates, fixed price work (or hybrid rates) will be considered, as will sometimes as an alternative on a pre-agreed ‘no cure - no pay’ basis in certain cases. The CCL Client base is ship-owner friendly with insurers and the P&I Club at the fore. You are most welcome to ask us to briefly review any claim in complete confidence and without initial financial commitment, so that we can hopefully make a business proposal to you.


Clive has dealt with major maritime cases for several decades. We deal with marine casualty cases across the board, medium, large and sometimes small, including collision, salvage, wreck removal, fire, explosion and pollution cases. We have Master Mariner and Marine Engineer associates and an extensive, global network of other specialists. We are ready, willing and able!

Call us any time: +852 9096 9561

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our standard terms and conditions apply to all work undertaken by CCL. These can be found on our website and will be sent to you at the start of each new matter or on request at any time.

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